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Special announcement - I'm retiring from fire protection work

Due to the ups-and-downs of old age, I'm retiring from fire protection work and closing Pro-Tech Fire Control as of December 31, 2019.

I'm extending a grateful thank-you to all my customers and suppliers for a quarter-century of excellent fire protection business experiences, and for many enduring friendships. Please accept my very best wishes for happiness, health and prosperity for the years to come.

For future fire safety needs, I'm recommending that my customers give first consideration to Acorn Fire & Safety Ltd, a highly-regarded, locally-owned company based in Waterloo.

I have heard positive things about this company from 1994 right through to the present and have often used them for special jobs, so I don't hesitate to pass along my best recommendations.

The contact information for Acorn Fire & Safety is as follows:
Phone: 519-884-5300
Address: 614 Colby Drive, Unit 12, Waterloo, ON, N2V 1A2

As time permits I hope to contact all of my regular customers and suppliers to ensure that everyone is fully informed of my retirement, and to provide whatever services I can, so that you have a seamless transition in regard to your future fire safety needs.

Thanks again

Dave Webster
Pro-Tech Fire Control

Links to previously-provided services - see Acorn Fire & Safety (above) for future fire safety needs

Documenting your fire extinguishers, click here

Emergency lighting, click here

Emergency lighting reports, click here

Fire extinguisher training: click here

Fire hydrant testing, click here

Fire safety maps, click here

Contact information, click here

Fire extinguishers

Strike First brand, made in Canada, steel construction:
- 2-1/2 lb (above left); rating 1A, 10B, C
- 5 lb (middle); rating 3A, 40B, C
- 10 lb (right); rating 6A, 80B, C
Fire extinguishers are to be located not more than 25 metres apart (see Ontario Fire Code, Table 6.2.6.A).

Documenting your fire extinguishers

You may feel you already keep too much paperwork in your files. Why would you add a location map and report on your company's fire extinguishers?

1. To document any insurance claims your company may have.

2. In case an inspector from the Fire Department, the Ministry of Labour or another regulatory agency is about to visit your plant, you can copy the documents, and show an employee how to do the required monthly check of the extinguishers and sign the inspection tags. This demonstrates your company's observance of good safety standards and provides the employee with useful experience in Health and Safety matters.

3. To support your company's case, in the event of a lawsuit or other legal proceedings.

4. To demonstrate compliance to Ontario Fire Code provisions (a permanent record of the servicing of your fire extinguishers is required per Fire Code provision

Documenting your fire extinguishers doesn't have to be time-consuming or costly. Pro-Tech can do this work for you and update it each year, as part of your annual maintenance service.

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Emergency lighting parts

- Emergency light battery, 6 volt, 5 amp-hour (left)
- Battery, 6 volt, 8 amp-hour (middle)
- Battery, 6 volt, 12 amp-hour (right)
- Exit lamp, standard candelabra type (lower left)
- Emergency lamp, wedge type (lower right)

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Emergency lighting reports -
"good paperwork" for your safety program

"Good paperwork" may be defined as the reports that are waiting in your files to provide help when you most need it. Pro-Tech Fire Control proposes that you keep, along with your other good paperwork, an emergency light location map and report. Why?

1. They provide documentation for any insurance claims your company may make.

2. In case an inspector from the Fire Department, the Ministry of Labour or another regulatory agency is about to visit your plant, you can copy the documents, and show an employee how to do the required monthly trip-test of the emergency lights and sign the inspection tags. This shows your company's observance of good safety standards and provides the employee with useful experience in Health and Safety matters.

3. They provide support for your company's case, in the event of lawsuits or other legal proceedings.

4. They give you assurance that you are meeting fire code requirements for the testing of life safety equipment, set forth in Ontario Fire Code provisions (3) b, and (4).

Well-organized, visually-friendly reports are prepared at no extra charge as part of the standard annual testing of your emergency lights.

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Sprinkler parts

Fire extinguisher training

There are times when the well-being of your organization may depend on the safety skills of the people at every level who work there.

Providing the personnel of your company with the skills and good judgment to do the right things in a fire emergency, as well as a sense of pride in a job well done, is the purpose of Pro-Tech Fire Control's fire extinguisher training. Pro-Tech supplies the equipment that is needed, makes the arrangements, conducts the training event, and works around your busy schedule in order to give your people a safe and successful training experience.

A fire extinguisher training event does not have to be time-consuming. The training is usually completed within an hour, depending on the size of your group.

The environmental impact is minimal. The fuel that is used is normal motor vehicle fuel, which is consumed during the event. The extinguishing agent is ABC powder, which is non-toxic and can be used as a fertilizer. If the event is held on a concrete or paved surface, Pro-Tech does clean-up after the training is completed.

The cost of the event depends on the number of extinguishers that are used, the cost of materials and the labour that is required for preparation, training and cleanup. A price quotation can be provided in advance for you.

Every effort is made to give your personnel the same sense of pride in their fire control skills as they have in their other on-the-job skills. The training is conducted by a person who is a qualified motivational speaker through Toastmasters International, in addition to having 15 years experience with fire protection techniques and equipment.

Pro-Tech makes arrangements with the fire department, so that any training event conforms to fire department policies.

A quiz is provided at the end of the training event, with the purpose of making the relevant fire training information a permanent part of your employees' job skills. Certificates can be provided in either business-card or 8-1/2 by 11 inch size, and with or without lamination, so that the participants have documentation that can displayed in a convenient format.

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Fire hydrant testing

This cone-shaped diffuser is used to minimize water damage during hydrant testing

GAUGES used for hydrant testing

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Fire safety maps

Fire safety maps are done using computer-graphic software

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Company operations

Contact information

Dave Webster, president
Address: 148 Tiffany St
Cambridge, ON, N3H 4G6
Phone: (519) 653-6216

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Certificate, Fire Safety Program,
Mohawk College, Hamilton, ON

Fire alarm certified under CFAA No. 19-991161

Certificate, Fire Sprinkler Design,
School of Fire Protection Engineering Technology,
Seneca College, Toronto, ON

Why is there a green "VSC1" paper collar on this fire extinguisher?

The collar is required under the fire code in order to provide physical evidence that extinguisher servicing has been done - the collar can't be installed unless the extinguisher is disassembled.

Why use nitrogen to pressurize ABC extinguishers?

Nitrogen is free of moisture, which would otherwise harden the powder and make the extinguisher non-functional.

Hydrotesting: what is it?

Hydrotesting is the testing of the strength of the fire extinguisher cylinder. It's done by filling the cylinder with water, then raising the pressure to three times the normal cylinder pressure. For ABC extinguishers this is required every 12 years.